Precautions for use of vacuum cleaner

Source:Zhejiang Micade Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd Time of publication:2020-12-25Reading:1455

1. When using the vacuum cleaner, please pay attention not to block the suction port, otherwise the motor will be overloaded and damaged.

2. When using the vacuum cleaner, please pay attention to install the dust filter bag to prevent the dust from entering the motor room.

3. Please do not use the vacuum cleaner to suck cement, gypsum powder, wall powder and other small particles, otherwise it will cause the dust bag or filter screen of the vacuum cleaner to block, motor to burn out and other faults.

4. When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use wet cloth containing water or neutral detergent, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise the shell will crack or fade.

5. Please don't use vacuum cleaner to absorb detergent, coal, oil, glass, needle, ash, water wet dust, sewage, matches, etc.

6. Please don't let the vacuum cleaner too close to the fire source and other high temperature places.

7. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb water or other liquids. Do not use water to wash the vacuum cleaner.

8. When you need to clean or repair the vacuum cleaner or do not use the vacuum cleaner, please pull off the power plug, do not pull the power cord.

9. After using the vacuum cleaner, wipe the vacuum cleaner and accessories with a wet cloth, and then dry them naturally in the air.

10. Always check the wear of the brush. If it is found that the brush is seriously worn, it should be replaced.

11. Always check the fixed parts of the vacuum cleaner, and fasten them at any time if they are loose.

12. The brush on the motor of the vacuum cleaner is easy to wear, so it should be repaired and replaced

13. Always check the suction head and exhaust port to prevent blockage.

14. Protect the hose of the vacuum cleaner from heavy pressure.